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Albion Waste collects waste and recycling from over 1,000 business customers in London. We tailor the service according to your preferences and can collect up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week.
Our collections can be regular or one-off and we can collect bins bags, skips, bales, loose rubbish and compactors.

Our services

Paper, plastic & Cardboard

We can help you recycle your cardboard, glass, food and paper. If what you need to recycle is not sorted, we can arrange a dry mixed recycling (DMR) service and sort it at our partners’ facilities. DMR can contain cardboard, paper, empty metal cans and tins, and clean plastic. We collect both bins and bags.

Often our customers find that recycling helps make the service cheaper in addition to being environmentally friendly. We have dedicated vehicles for each recycling stream.

General Waste


General waste is residual waste that can’t be recycled and consists of non-recyclable plastics, scraps, some food packaging and containers.

By taking advantage of our recycling services, we are able to reduce the amount of residual waste that you produce and lower your cost.



All residual waste is shredded, baled, wrapped and sent to energy producing facilities. Albion Waste is a Zero Landfill Company.



We collect non-hazardous Construction and Demolition waste from anywhere in London.


We can provide skips, wheelie bins, roll on/off containers and cage vehicles to the site, as well as a wait a load service.


We always take into consideration all time and access restrictions and we specialise in difficult and unusual collections.

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